Abstract silhouette of two windows in parking garage fixture


Digital, 2018.

Sawed trees emerging from manufactured turf against cloudy sky

Modern forest

Digital, 2023.

Silhouette of a little girl against a leafless tree in front of a lake in winter


Digital, 2019.

Suspension bridge support looks like a dour face

Bridge guardian

Digital, 2023.

Six descending stories of a triangular staircase in concentric shapes


Digital, 2019. Selected for “Architecture,” Southeastern Center for Photography, 2023.

A carillon topped with a loudspeaker and a narrow rising spear of metal


Digital, 2023.

A little girl running on a track with a jet airplane in the background

Take Off

Digital, 2018.

Stopsign covered with flapping black plastic against barren sky

Flag for a nation under quarantine

Digital, 2020.

Five decomissioned smokestacks against a clouded sky


Digital, 2019.

An abandoned easy chair on a concrete pad of a torn-down home in the woods


Digital, 2021.

Decrepit fluorescent tube light in forest beyond broken white picket fence


Digital, 2019.

Fragments of broken brick and rainwater against geometric regularity of other bricks


Digital, 2019.