Loading dock of an abandoned building

The Way Out

35mm Kodak Tri-X, 2005.

Large white cloud floating just above the Gulf of Mexico

Skylight #1

Digital, iPhone 7, 2018.

A little girl running on a track with a jet airplane in the background

Take Off

Digital, 2018.

An empty park bench looking toward a pedestrian bridge at night

Untitled #4

Digital, 2003

A long exposure of a fountain spraying water on its support, freezing ice to look like a bird

Untitled #8

35mm Kodak Tri-X, 2005.

Oak tree in front of a lake with sun shining through orange and green leaves

Autumn #2

Digital, 2003.

Scudding clouds against a dark sky

Skylight #12

Digital, 2019.

Tortoiseshell calico cat on her side looking at the camera

Look #20

Digital, 2014.